Katakis 3D

An unfortunately cancelled rail shooter for the…Gameboy Color?! Unseen 64 has some amazing screens that prove this was programmed by a wizard. Shame it was never released. Still getting an entry though in the hopes that one day a ROM surfaces. Until then, look at this:



It would seem more footage has surfaced with Chris Hulsbeck streaming the game (courtesy of a reader as you can see in the comments, thanks!):


No guarentees if it works…BUT! Someone made a prototype here:

What this means is the data is still out there so the ROM could be dumped or it could get a Steam release somehow or something. Please do, I’ll gladly buy it!


3 thoughts on “Katakis 3D

  1. Torfkop November 3, 2015 / 11:27 pm

    Chris Hülsbeck actually streamed the game on Twitch. So it’s not really unseen anymore.
    The VOD did work for me, but currently it isn’t. I pray it’s not down.


    • GEL November 4, 2015 / 8:02 am

      I couldn’t get it to work but I added it to the entry along wit a video I just found on YouTube. Thanks for the heads up!


      • Torfkop November 4, 2015 / 12:23 pm

        That’s frustrating. They showed the full game, like over an hour and it was on an emulator or GameCube, so it had a way better quality than the Youtube footage. How frustrating.


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