Airforce Delta/Deadly Skies (Gameboy Color)

A GBC version of a Dreamcast arcade flight sim. While the DC one appears to be off-rails, the GBC one appears on rails…unfortunately it also looks slooow…


Katakis 3D

An unfortunately cancelled rail shooter for the…Gameboy Color?! Unseen 64 has some amazing screens that prove this was programmed by a wizard. Shame it was never released. Still getting an entry though in the hopes that one day a ROM surfaces. Until then, look at this:


It would seem more footage has surfaced with Chris Hulsbeck streaming the game (courtesy of a reader as you can see in the comments, thanks!):

No guarentees if it works…BUT! Someone made a prototype here:

What this means is the data is still out there so the ROM could be dumped or it could get a Steam release somehow or something. Please do, I’ll gladly buy it!