Flat-plane based game where you ride on the back of a silly animal and has a somewhat RPG-ish upgrade system? I dunno but big thanks to Torfkop for tipping me off on this one…4 years ago. The Rail Shooter Archive is known for its punctuality.


Yam Yam

Some kind of weird ground-based rail shooter with light RPG elements involving riding a giant fat bird thing? Whatever, just glad there’s another SNES rail shooter!

Metal Morph

Oh man. Fuck this game. I had blocked it from my memory! Yeah, the back of the Metal Morph box shows a Mode 7 rail shooter…then you boot it up and find yourself stuck in a near unplayable side scroller. The box NEVER tells you it’s a side scroller! It alternates so I guess it counts but this is more a warning than anything. As a kid, the first stage was too shit for me to make it to a rail shooter stage.