Xenocider (WIP)


Okay so I haven’t updated in a while but crazy news! A new rail-shooter is in development for PC/Linux/Dreamcast/3DS called Xenocider. There’s a demo available now if you want to try it out. Very Sin & Punishment-esque and while I don’t see it toppling any of the big names in the genre, it’s always good to see another competent rail-shooter.

The Kickstarter is here:


At the very least I’m gonna get a physical copy.


Geist Force

Unfinished and Unreleased. ASSEMbler Games got me a copy of the Beta and it’s…more of an Alpha. One and a half working stages, music, runs poorly. Basically a Star Fox clone. COULD have been good if it was finished perhaps, but not so much in it’s current state.