3D Shooting Tsukuru

Yes, from the makers of RPG Maker and Fighter Maker, there is indeed a Rail Shooter Maker. Yes, it has a sample game. I am so getting this…or at the very least emulating it so I can post memory card files of whatever rail shooter I manage to cobble together 😀


Extra Bright

Cute girls, pastel colors, and the game is called “Extra Bright”? Why not just call it “HEY GEL! BUY THIS!”. Looks like you’re stuck to the ground though. May not be very good but…I’ll take a look.

Cowboy Bebop

Oh WOW! I forgot about this! There was a Cowboy Bebop PS1 game (NOT the PS2 game) that I THINK is a rail shooter. I have it around here SOMEWHERE and I remember it not being very good but I didn’t spend much time with it.

UPDATE: Grabbed an ISO. It’s a rail shooter and…IT’S GOOD! Fugly graphics, camera sometimes does crazy things but it’s actually quite good! HOWEVER! It is NOT Cowboy Bebop! Like…the music is cheesy 80s synth and Guilty Gear guitars. I LOVE IT! But…WOW this is NOT Cowboy Bebop, which was why I didn’t give it a chance last time. If you play this, pretend it’s an anime cross-over rail shooter but the rest of the cast forgot to show up! XD

If I can’t find mine soon I’ll grab a new one to do this legit. This needs an episode ASAP.

Galaga: Destination Earth

A Western made PS1 reboot(?) of Galaga. It constantly changes camera angles with vertical and horizontal scrolling and non-scrolling sections but judging by the gameplay footage I saw it seems to be primarily a rail shooter.

I’d say that’s strange but Galaxian 3 is another type of rail shooter so…


Well THIS is certainly a kink in the plans! Philosoma switches perspective multiple times per stage with side-scrolling, top-down, rail shooter, and even one angled side view section. I’m not sure if I wanna count this or not but I’ll put it on the list for now.